While the British were not the first to make use of heavier-than-air military aircraft, the RAF is the world's oldest independent air force: that is, the first air force to become independent of army or navy control. During WWII RAF underwent rapid expansion prior to and during the Second World War. During the war it was responsible for the aerial defense of Great Britain, the strategic bombing campaign against Germany and tactical support to the British Army around the world. AVI-8 commemorates epic heroes and achievements of Royal Air Force which continues to make a vital contribution to the security and prosperity of the nation.


The epic defense of the British airspace by the Allies against the German Air Force in the summer of 1940 is regarded as one of the seminal battles of WW2.

Outgunned and outmanned, the Allied forces comprising predominantly of the Royal Air Force showed utter grit, skill and determination in thwarting the enemies attempts' at incapacitating the airborne capabilities of the RAF.

This limited edition run commemorating the epic Battle of Britain, which perhaps stands as the most seminal moment of air combat during the Second World War, is a labour of design and detail that has taken more than a year of meticulous research, design and production. 


The AV-4052 seemingly brings the instrument panel and cockpit of the Hawker Hunter to the wrist of the wearer with a homage and representation that is still utterly practical and balanced as a timepiece.

With the angled off squared shape that echoes the key pieces of the Hunters' own instrumentation, the reference to the famed military jet that first flew in service for the RAF in the early 1950s, is obvious.

A sturdy yet precisely finished marine grade stainless steel case houses a Japanese retrograde split time chronograph that sits under the dial. The dial itself is a perfectly designed assembly of indentations, tension rings and carefully positioned subdial frames that continue the look and feel of this watch as a piece of military instrumentation.

Snugly strapped to the wrist with a hand stitched vintage genuine leather strap – the AV 4052 is an impressive, functional and unique aviation inspired timepiece like no other.


With a multi-layered dial, reflecting a design that highlights the avionic cues that inspired the watch, read out of time is still clear and straightforward even while the design of the readout intrigues and delights with subtle and obvious aesthetic cues from the Harrier. The razor like finish of the index and hands creates a sharp defined look to the dial.

But it is the 1/10th split time register which gives the 4051 its true character. Multiple discs spin to indicate split fraction of a second timing with a visual reference to the massive engines and turbines of the Hawker Harrier.

Completing this tribute to the engine of the Harrier is the stamped and polished caseback carefully detailed in the design of the Harriers jets.


The AV4050 fits perfectly as both an unabashedly aviation inspired timepiece that is replete with design cues and inspiration from the iconic Lancaster Bomber.

What sets the watch out of course is the intriguing cockpit position like dial which displays day, date, seconds and 24 hour readout within individual cockpit inspired gauges that mimic those on board the Lancaster that would read out pressure, altitude, fuel and other critical diagnostics of the plane.

The plane in question was that of Lancaster Bomber KB-864 of No. 428 Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force.

The aircraft’s markings were NA-S and the aircraft would have been referred to as “S for Sugar.” Sugar’s Blues was a popular wartime dance tune.