Designed to honour the P-51 Mustang and its biggest advocate

Inspired by an American hero, the Hitchcock Automatic pays tribute to the Lafayette Escadrille member and national polo champion who directly influenced the development of the P-51 Mustang during WWII.

The Hitchcock Automatic is built from our iconic 43mm P-51 Mustang inspired case, featuring a crown guard echoing the engine exhaust of the aircraft. With a beautifully contoured shape, it has been designed to look and feel comfortable.

Aesthetic cues inspired by the Mustang

Drawn from both the cockpit and body of the P-51 Mustang, the Hitchcock's multilayered dial blends modern watchmaking sophistication with vintage aviation elements to create a clear and legible dial.

Powering the Hitchcock is the ever-reliable and accurate NH35 self-winding movement. In a tribute to Hitchcock's heroics outside the cockpit, the case back features the words "Ten Goal Tommy," referencing his 10-goal handicap in polo.


AVI-8's next timepiece is inspired by Tommy Hitchcock Jr., a true all-American hero.

As a passionate and patriotic individual, he left home at the age of 17 to volunteer for the Lafayette Escadrille during WWI. He then subsequently went to school at Harvard, then Oxford. Eventually, he left school to pursue his passion of playing polo.

He thrived and found instant success, winning several national and international championships, whilst also representing the US in the Olympics.

Transforming the Mustang into a World-Beater

During WWII, Hitchcock was posted at the US embassy in London. Upon visiting an airfield he saw the British testing the early P-51 Mustangs.

Impressed by the performance and streamlined airframe of the aircraft, Hitchcock decided to recommend that the US transform the Mustang into a high altitude fighter by using Britain's Merlin engine.

Equipped with extra fuel tanks, P-51 Mustangs were able to escort long-range bombers all the way to Berlin. The results were immediate and devastating.

If it wasn’t for Hitchcock’s persistence, we would have never had the P-51 Mustang as we know today, allowing the Allied air forces to achieve air supremacy in Europe and finally win the war.

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