Our Exclusive Collaborations 

At AVI-8, we take immense pride in shedding light on significant events and remarkable individuals in aviation history. Through a series of exclusive collaborations, we have had the privilege of celebrating the extraordinary achievements of aviators while making a positive impact on the communities whose stories inspire us. 

Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group

Commemorating the esteemed yet often overlooked airborne legend of the RAF, AVI-8 joined forces with the Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group (HTPG).

The proceeds from this collaboration have played a crucial role in funding HTPG's mission to resurrect and rebuild Hawker Typhoon RB396, the sole surviving combat veteran example of its kind in existence. 

Tuskegee Airmen Inc. (TAI)

The legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen goes beyond aviation, holding a profound place in American history.

AVI-8 has proudly engaged in two collaborations with TAI, directing a portion of the proceeds to support the essential work of Tuskegee Airmen Inc., including youth programs and educational assistance for aspiring aviators. 

Laguna’s Spitfire Legacy (LSL)

In partnership with Laguna’s Spitfire Legacy (LSL), AVI-8 designed a Spitfire chronograph timepiece as a tribute to the renowned 303 Squadron and to support LSL's efforts in restoring Spitfire P8331 to airworthy condition.

This collaboration stands as a lasting homage to the courageous contributions of the 18,000 Polish pilots and ground crew who valiantly defended Britain during WWII yet were overlooked during the 1946 Victory March in London.