AVI-8 is proud to introduce the Dambuster Chadwick Meca-Quartz, a timepiece paying tribute to Roy Chadwick, the visionary aircraft designer for the Avro company, whose crucial contributions played a pivotal role in the success of the Dambusters Raid during World War II.

The Inspiration Behind the Timepiece

Recognizing Roy Chadwick's vital role in the Dambusters Raid, this timepiece celebrates his innovative contributions to modifying the Avro Lancaster for Operation Chastise. Chadwick's visionary ideas, like removing the mid-upper gun turret to reduce drag, were pivotal for success. The Dambuster Chadwick Meca-Quartz pays tribute to this unsung hero of aviation history.

Crafting Aviation Heritage

Inspired by the legendary Avro Lancaster, the Dambuster Chadwick Meca-Quartz embodies precision and craftsmanship. The Japanese Meca-Quartz movement with a 24-hour function, hardened mineral lens with anti-reflective coating, and a genuine leather strap make this watch a timeless homage to Roy Chadwick's ingenuity.

Chadwick and Wallis

The collaboration between Chadwick and Wallis went beyond the Dambusters Raid. From the Tallboy bomb to the Grand Slam bomb, their partnership produced groundbreaking weaponry that significantly contributed to the Allied victory in World War II. The Dambuster Chadwick Meca-Quartz serves as a testament to the ingenuity that defined this wartime alliance.