85 Years Of A Flying Legend

The Spitfire's maiden flight on March 5th 1936 effectively changed the course of history. The Spitfire Type 300 prototype K5054 performed so remarkably during its first flight that test pilot Captain Joseph “Mutt” Summers famously screamed out the words “Don’t change a thing!” when he returned to Eastleigh. With its ground-breaking design and superior specs, the Spitfire went on to become perhaps the greatest fighter of WWII, playing a crucial role in both the Battle of Britain and D-Day.

This year marks the85th anniversary of the Spitfire's maiden flight and to celebrate we've produced a limited edition of 185 individually numbered timepieces.

Designed To Honour The Iconic Spitfire

Combining timeless and modern watchmaking aesthetics, the timepiece features a highly legible twin-register dial layout drawn from the details within the iconic Spitfire's cockpit gauges. A custom red date wheel is framed by a white and blue ring, inspired by colours from the RAF's roundel.

A 42mm case is inspired by the Spitfire's famous curved silhouette, with custom flowing pushers designed to complement this feature. Taking further inspiration from the Spitfire's body, micro detailing on the case sides are designed to recreate the panels on the aircraft. The crown is completed by a red, white and blue roundel encapsulated in epoxy.

A Limited Edition Tribute To Britain's Hero

Powering this limited edition is a tried and tested Japanese meca-quartz movement featuring a 1/5 split second readout with instant fly-back reset function, encapsulating the true art of modern watchmaking technology.

Completing the timepiece is a blue, handcrafted genuine leather, vintage pilot-style strap with the RAF roundel's tri-colour details stitched on.

Each of the 185 limited edition timepieces is uniquely numbered and comes packaged in a custom gift box, designed to pay tribute to the Spitfire's 85th anniversary.